Monday, February 26, 2001

Well, I leave tomorrow. After all the planning, and emailing, and school stuff, I finally fly to Japan tomorrow.

I honestly don't have a clue what to expect. My prayer is simply that I will be helpful. I managed to finish my last book report for my independent study, and emailed it in, and got confirmation on it, so at last I am free from my undergraduate degree.

I wish I could think of something witty and poetic, but I'm just not really in that kinda mood. I just feel excited, nervous, tired, and a bit confused. As to be expected, I suppose.

Everyone at church was so nice to me yesterday. It was like I was going away permanently instead of just for 2 months. I got presents and cards and candy. I want to take all of it with me, but I dunno if I can fit it all in. At least I got some good pictures of everyone. I was just so overwhelmed most of the weekend. It's going to be really different without any good friends around, but hopefully I will make some good friends in Shimonoseki.

I'm gonna miss my cat. Hehehe... My cat Maggie has become famous at church because she fetches and does flips when playing "feather toy". People come over just to visit her. She thinks anyone who comes over anyway comes for the express purpose of playing with her. She gets really disappointed when everyone leaves.

My other cat, Tilly, knows what packing means and has camped out in my room in an attempt to keep an eye on the suitcase. Everytime I touch the suitcase, she glares at me. She slept with me yesterday, and started out on the edge of the bed, and when I woke up she was draped partway across me, trying to get as close as possible. She has seen me pack several times to go away to school, and is not very happy with the idea of me packing to go away again.

Well, I must be off to pick up the pictures from this weekend, pick up a perscription, and maybe grab some lunch. Until I am in Japan...Sayonara!

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Ever noticed how we minimize friendship as compared to being "in love"? "We're just friends", "let's move beyond friendship", "I want to be more than friends", etc...

I have always remembered CS Lewis' comments in The Four Loves about this phenomenon. He talked about how we arrange our affections in levels: romantic love, parental/familial love, then friendship...but how Jesus had agape love, then friendship. Parental/familial love is somewhere in there too, but I'm a little confused on where it goes...depending on whether it's love within a earthly family, or within the body of Christ. Then Lewis reminded us about when Jesus said to His disciples, " I call you my friends" (John 15:15). They went from a progression from follower, to disciple, to friend, to brother.

I really haven't figured anything out...just musing....

Sunday, February 04, 2001

23 days until I go to Japan!