Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Kyle won us a pizza party: GO! Magazine.

Check out the pictures of the party. You will find me somewhere in the back. ;)

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Another letter from Daniel:

Dear Friend,

In a world where we are surrounded by things going wrong it can be especially refreshing to be confronted with something going right. My hope is that in my letters you are confronted with some of both; the reality of things going wrong such as kids growing up alone on the streets without love, families, care, or significance and yet in the midst of that the miracle of these things being made right.

Living and working here in the Rescue House is living and working somewhere where things are being made right. Which is wonderful. This past weekend however I was able to see a glimpse of things even more "as they should be" than usual. I saw the boys with their families. This weekend ABBA held a "Family Camp", that is we gathered all the boys from both houses, all their available family members and headed out of the city for a 2 1/2 day camp.

Certainly the weekend did not pass perfectly. Some boys were not that excited about being with family and a few others did not even have family to be with. However, these were exceptions and for the most part the togetherness of the families was something beautiful to witness. I came away from this weekend encouraged, hopeful, and excited about the future and the final goal of bringing these families back together.

In the midst of this serious business of family re-unification everyone had a wagonload of fun. We played games, swam, played soccer, did crafts, swung on a huge rope, had team building exercises, among a thousand other things that help to create a camp full of energy and excitement. I also enjoyed the crisp fresh air and the chance to see a clear open sky, full to bursting with bright stars and overseen by a lovely half moon. In Sao Paulo these things are marred as a product of twenty million people living and working in one space: polluted air and sky.

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you. Please don't stop. Especially for the hearts of these boys. Since their hearts, like all of ours, drive their behavior, speech, and the path on which they walk. The path of righteousness is narrow, difficult, and demanding yet it is full of joy, meaning, and an eternal hope. The blessing of truth to you.

a brother and friend,

PS - You may remember Fernando from a previous letter of mine. I mentioned that he had left the Rescue House and that you pray with me for him. Well, after he left the Rescue House he decided to return to be with his Mom rather than live on the streets. Which is great. We have stayed in contact with him and both him and his Mom came on the family camp with us. I had not seen him since the very intense night about six weeks ago on which he left. God is good. To see him and his Mom working on being a family (a long road lays ahead) made my heart light with joy.

Take Heart.
He is calling you.

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

"Do you realize there are only two eternal things on earth today? Only two: people and God's Word. Everything else will ultimately be burned up--everything else. Kind of sets your priorities straight, doesn't it?"

-Chuck Swindoll, Growing Deep in the Christian Life

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

I'm very proud of my lovely chart. I hung it on the wall next to my computer in case I mix up imperfect and aorist again. Of course, I'll have to take it down for my next test (I'm on the honor system, which so far hasn't been a problem because 1) I truly have never cheated on a test that I can remember, and 2) knowing Greek is only going to get harder both scares me to death and strangely makes me even more fascinated with it!).

Today I'd like to share with you the indicative of luw, which is generally the model verb in koine Greek.

Monday, April 08, 2002

On Thursday, while I was visiting my old roommates in Lynchburg, I played disc golf with Rachel, Phil, and Adam, and got my personal best score of +4. I also made a birdie from about 75 feet, with a Jaguar (which is the largest disc there is and one you'd normally avoid using for putting).

Adam brought me a backpack full of British candy bars from his trip to London. I left more than half of them with Julie, who was just a little jealous Adam didn't bring her any candy bars. Adam's response was that she didn't ask him to bring her anything (very typical Adam response). The backpack was cool. Adam said it was free from the airline. It's clear plastic (like a shower curtain liner) with yellow rope handles. Cheap, but cute.

I finally got to spend some time at Southeastern, visiting. They told me in my admissions appointment that I had been accepted. The letter was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. Wake Forest is gorgeous! Now I just gotta find somewhere to live.....