Sunday, July 28, 2002

This is the best error message I have ever gotten. From

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

From an IMB message board discussion. This proves polyester is evil!:

Subject:Drinking Calves Blood?
From: Hillery

In teaching the foreign mission study, the people of my church asked how missionaries reconciled the fast that the main staple of the Maasai diet is calves blood with the Biblical standard that we should not consume blood? Do they try to change this standard?

Subject:RE: Drinking Calves Blood?
From: ?

That is an Old Covenant standard and today ALL things may be
eaten by those in Christ. Preach Him and let Him deal with the
calves blood.

Subject:RE: Drinking Calves Blood?
From: Steve

I must agree. If I am not mistaken, the drinking of blood was
part of a pagan worship ceremony from which God was comanding
the Israelites separate themselves.

Secondly, in the same chapter of the Bible we would find
ourselves sinful for our cotton/polyester blend fabrics, as
mixing fibers to make cloth was forbidden too.

Finally, preach that Christ won the victory over sin and death
and we can be in Christ through our faith in him. Teach about
Jesus and his love, the diet will take care of itself.

Gentle Perseverance
July—August 2002
Story by Chris Turner
Photos by James L. Yates

An exposed bulb dangles from the ceiling by a black wire and throws its harsh light around the cramped cinder-block room. Tattooed bodies crowd the space or stare in past the heavy steel door. This cell’s location is deep within the bowels of a Honduran prison. All of the young men present are gang members, and most are killers or rapists—or both.
At the center of this sea of inked flesh sits Amy Johnson, a perfectly postured, fair-complected redhead. Her soft voice forces the prisoners to lean in to hear her. Her sincere smile melts their calloused hearts, and her deep-penetrating brown eyes reach beyond their hardened exteriors to their souls. They call her Mamita, translated, “Little Mom.”
“She makes us feel like we are not forgotten,” says Danny Boy, a prisoner and the leader of one gang. (Most gang members use nicknames.) “People treat us like animals, but not her. She listens to us, and we respect her a lot.”
Johnson, 47, an International Mission Board missionary, always teaches gang members Bible stories in the six prisons she visits throughout the week. But it’s not the Scripture she teaches that is the basis for her ministry. It’s the Scripture she lives. She introduces gang members to Jesus and helps them get to know Him better.
“It’s not telling a person they have value; it’s showing them,” she says.


Monday, July 15, 2002

Check out my new downloads page!

Favorite Downloads

When I get stressed out, I discovered anoutlet which is satisfying, non-violent, and calorie-free: I download
software!  OK, well, it's kinda goofy I know, but I've become quite an expert on shareware and freeware. Here is a list of my favorite shareware and freeware sites and downloads. I'll be adding more as I discover it, and as time allows.

Sites For Downloading Shareware and Freeware
CNET's - The best of the
best, can search by category, # downloaded, rating, etc (I spend hours here!)
Rocket Download - very new, not much there yet
Handango - Pocket PC downloads, mainly
for purchase

Educational/Reference Software
MyInfo - outlining software.  As a seminary student, this has been invaluable (theology profs thrive on
Total Recall - maybe not the newest or most sophisticated software, but this flash card software beats everything else that I've tried because of the memory
games.  I learn by games a whole lot faster than by flash cards.  I wish someone would make a new version that is sophisticated like VTrain, but with lots of games (hint, hint?).

Utilities and Windows Add-Ons
Object Desktop -  OK, this cost me a bit, but I love having a customized desktop (my current from theme that I personally customized called "Power User", check out the link for a screenshot of my desktop)!  My brother was really jealous when he discovered it.  You can find more themes and the software as well at 

E-Sword - free, yet priceless Bible
software.  Kudos to Rick Meyers!
Trillian - Champion of chat software.  Can get on AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, and IRC, plus it lets you know
when you have mail for AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo!, AND you can skin it! Best of all, it's FREE!
Opera - very fast browser.  I don't use it all the time, but I like it for game sites.
Typing Master -  I got this recently because I never learned to type properly.  It's great, and keeps track of where you're weak!
WS-FTP - I've tried a lot of FTP software, and this is my favorite. 
It's also FREE!!
Adobe Reader - Most people have this, but in case you don't, here it is...

Pocket PC Software (I have an Audiovox Maestro, which I highly recommend)
Agenda Fusion -  updates Outlook on your Pocket PC
Personal Health
- excellent program for diet and exercise monitering
-  helps close out programs and moniter your system
Transcriber -  free update from Microsoft which is excellent
handwriting recognition software
Lemonade Stand
- I love this game!  It's very simple, but well-designed and addictive!

Unfortunately Blogger has been experiencing technical difficulties, which has prevented me from posting lately. Looks like they're working most of that out, although I still can't edit posts.

Monday, July 01, 2002

Oh, and here's a few pictures from a few months ago that I finally scanned:

Patty visits; Saturday night Slam Uno at Seattle's Coffee.
Left to right: Mike, Patty, Chris, Becca, Jason, me

Chris and I really didn't mean to match.....
Left to right: Jason, Mike, Chris, and me