Saturday, September 21, 2002

This is an old picture from the GA RenFest that Adam has updated with his own personal flair....

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I am testing out the open source BlogBuddy right now....

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Due to problems with my web server, and as a favor to my buds in Greek, I will post the new version of my download page here. I hope the HTML works!!

Favorite Downloads

   When I get stressed out, I discovered an outlet which is satisfying, non-violent, and calorie-free:  I download software!  OK, well, it's kinda goofy I know, but I've become quite an expert on shareware and freeware.  Here is a list of my favorite shareware and freeware sites and downloads.  I'll be adding more as I discover it, and as time allows.

Sites For Downloading Sharewareand Freeware
CNET's - The best of the best, can search by category, # downloaded, rating, etc (I spend hours here!)
Rocket Download - very new, not much there yet - lots of great freeware Pocket PC
Handango - Pocket PC downloads, mainly for purchase

E-Sword - free, yet priceless Biblesoftware with many add-ons and extra modules.  Kudos to Rick Meyers!
Trillian - Champion of chatsoftware.  Can get on AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, and IRC, plus it lets you know
when you have mail for AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo!, AND you can skin it! Best of all, it's FREE!
Opera - very fast browser.  I don't use it all the time, but I like it for game sites.
Typing Master -  I got this recently because I never learned to type
properly.  It's great, and keeps track of where you're weak!
WS-FTP - I've tried a lot of FTP software, and this is my favorite.  It's also free!
Adobe Reader - Most people have this, but in case you don't, here it is...
Lamp Light - excellent and simple Bible memory software; rotates Scriptures daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly by your knowledge and practice of them

Educational/Reference Software
MyInfo - fantastic outlining software.  As a seminary student, this has been invaluable for outlines and papers (theology profs thrive on
Total Recall - maybe not the newest or most sophisticated software, but this flash card software beats everything else that I've tried because of the memory games.  I learn by games a whole lot faster than by flash cards.  I wish someone would make a new version that is sophisticated like VTrain, but with lots of games (hint, hint?).
QuickMem Greek - flashcard software for Greek, listed by occurrence.  There is other free software at
their site.

Utilities and Windows Add-Ons

Object Desktop -  OK, this cost me a bit, but I love having a customized desktop (my current from theme that I personally customized called "Power User", check out the link for a screenshot of my desktop)!  My brother was really jealous when he discovered the changes.  You can find more themes and the software as well 

Pocket PC Software (I have
an Audiovox Maestro, which is one of CNET's top 5 pocket PC's)
Calendar+ - free Outlook add-on for Today page
Verses Today
- free add-on shows verses on Today page
- free add-on shows tasks on today page, and you can tap the asterick to check
them off
GigaBar -  helps close out programs and moniter your system
Transcriber -  free update from Microsoft which is excellent handwriting recognition software
Lemonade Stand - I love this game!  It's very simple, but well-designed
and addictive!
Agenda Fusion
-  updates Outlook on your Pocket PC ($)
Personal Health - excellent program for diet and exercise monitering ($)