Saturday, September 27, 2003

I went with the Blakes to see Derek Webb in concert last night. I was very much impressed and moved by the comments he made throughout the concert. The biggest theme was that believers need to hear the gospel every day, and be confronted with the fact that they are sinful and desperately in need of Jesus. Then we need to confess that to one another. Out of this comes unity in the church. A new song he sung was called "I Repent" and was pretty much just that - many of the sinful attitudes he struggled with and repented of. He closed with "Awake My Soul", which was written by his wife, Sandra McCracken, and there are some verses which summed up his whole theme:

I trust no other source or name; nowhere else can I hide
This grace gives me fear, and this grace draws me near
And all that it asks it provides.

No seam in this garment, all my rags to hide
No less than your love, for Jesus is mine

Thursday, September 18, 2003

~Ishy meets Isabel~

Well, the worst is over. Some of the bark got stripped off the trees next to my apartment, so they look a little funny now, and there are leaves and pine straw all over the place, but everything seems to be fine here. The power flickered on and off all day, but seems to be on to stay now.

Some of my guy friends went driving in the middle of the storm, and another group had a cookout. Guys are weird! I wanted to stay all cozy in my apartment in my jammie pants with my blanket. Made some BBQ chicken and beans with cornbread topping, which was nice and warm in my tummy, and listened to the wind outside.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Last night I was rudely awakened at about 3am by men yelling and again at 4am by more yelling and a truck being driven forward and backward (as fast as possible within about 50 feet). I sighed and rolled over, thinking it would end soon, but it got worse. So I peeked out through my blinds and a man with a long ponytail who apparently had no vocabulary except cuss words was trying to push another tall man in the parking lot about 20 feet from my window, which is on the bottom corner of my building. The man with the ponytail was trying to get the other man to fight with him, but the other man just yelled and told ponytail man he needed to walk away. However, tall man did not leave himself or go in his apartment.

Finally I went into the living room where our friend Karen who stayed with us this weekend was sitting up on the air mattress holding her can of mace. I said I was calling the police, and picked up the phone and dialed 911. I told the lady about the yelling and the fight, and tried to answer her questions the best I could as groggy as I was. In the middle of this my roommate Elizabeth comes out and says "Call the police!" Elizabeth sleeps like the 'graveyard' dead, so for her to wake up it must be bad, and I think she would have gone out there and successfully beat both of them up as mad as she was at being woken up.

The fight drifted to the parking lot on the other side of the building, although we could still hear them. The lady at 911 said she would send some patrol cars over, and sure enough two appeared a few minutes later. I changed and sat up a bit in case the police came to ask us more questions, but they just drove away after about 15 minutes.

The ponytail man has woken me up 3 or 4 times in the past few weeks, mostly partying in the parking lot. Jeremy, another seminary student in the next building who has been witnessing to him, said ponytail man just moved in a few weeks ago. All I can say is pray for him, and pray for me that I can get some sleep tonight...

I'd like to officially announce my decision to move (back) to Shimonoseki Japan to teach English with Pioneers for two years starting in August. This decision has been in the works for some months specifically, and has been something I have been praying about for years. All my graduation requirements fell into place, and I will graduate next December after finishing my master's thesis on the field. There is an amazing church-planting movement started by Pioneers and I want to be a part of it. I am so excited by what has been going on in Shimonoseki, and I kinda left part of my heart there the first time I was there. They are currently working on a new facility, which should be ready by the time I get there, and will probably be where I live.

Please support me by your prayers, and pray for Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church and their ministry there.