Saturday, October 25, 2003

I have been working on a new creative stress reliever. I discovered a form of computer art called dollz. Those who have known me a long time know that I did not inherit my mother's ability to draw. My 6-year-old host sister in Japan was sorely disappointed with my lack of drawing talent. I mean, I REALLY stink at art. I have a hard time of thinking of things to draw or make anyway.

So, I came across dollz through a link on another site, and the more dollz sites I looked at, the more I was amazed by what I saw. I wanted to try it myself. Now, I didn't expect much, mind you, but I at least wanted to try. Thanks to tutorials, I actually am not bad at it. And I found it is a really good artistic outlet. It helps that I am utterly familiar with computers, and from my experience as a webmaster, paint programs. I have Paint Shop Pro, so I have made some dollz, and if you look to the left, you'll see the link to my new site for that. I am still working on it, so some things aren't quite right yet, but you'll get the general idea.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I even think it's strange sometimes that I ended up playing bass. At first it was just because that was the only instrument my college roommates and I didn't have to start a full-fledged band. I've sung since almost before I could speak, and even in kindergarten got the award for being "Most Rhythmic". Still, the bass kinda fits me, surprisingly enough. I really have no desire to be the one out in front leading. The few times I have sung lead I was so nervous I was afraid I would forget the song, or worse yet, start humming the bass line in the middle of it! I like standing off to one side, off in my own little beat pattern. I am growing more fond of a mic though, even in just singing octavo to the lead. Singing is still where I feel at home, but playing is like exploring a new continent. I may not be sure of where I am going, but eventually I fall into sync.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Maggie had a very bad day yesterday. I gave her a second bath in two weeks. We've had a bad flea problem, and she and Blossom (my roommate's cat) have both been scratching themselves raw. So I bought pretty much anything and everything the pet store recommended after trying various things individually.

Luckily for me Maggie is an anti-violent cat. She did everything possible not to scratch me, no matter how scared and upset she became. Plus I had to leave the shampoo on her for 5 minutes while it killed the larvae. Poor baby. She looked so small with all her fur wet.

I have not had to bathe any of my cats often. The only cat we had that I had to bathe more than once was Mister Cat, because he used to get pine sap in his fur. He would take out eyes if you let him. I used to go in wearing jeans and a heavy sweatshirt, with yellow dish gloves over my sleeves. Usually it took two of us to bathe him; one to hold him, and the other to wash and rinse him. I still came out covered in scratches.

All dried and collared, Maggie has been very clingy since last night. Every time I tried to doze off, she climbed on my shoulder and patted my face. I guess I have to make it up to her.