Tuesday, January 20, 2004

We've been talking about prayer in my toddlers' classroom the past few weeks. I told them to just talk to God like they talk to mommy and daddy, since God is our Heavenly Daddy. We talked about where God was "He's up in the air..." "He's all around". One little boy pointed at the children's Bible and said, "God's over there. God's in the Bible!" Then we have been practicing praying starting with "Hi God..." Another of my babies introduced herself to God enthusiastically. TC, my co-teacher, was laughing hysterically and said "God is probably laughing with us." Then we thanked God for our friends and our food and asked Him to take care of us and our mommies and daddies. "Bye bye God! Amen!" They seem to understand this much better than the cute little prayer songs we normally sing before snacktime.

But it's amazing the faith of little children....

Monday, January 12, 2004

No One Like You (Ps. 71:16-20)

Your righteousness is alive,
You have done wondrous things,
Though troubles will arise,
But I've seen the grace Your love brings.
There is no one like You.

Praise You for Your faithfulness,
Praise You for Your grace,
Praise You for Your holiness,
There is no one like You,
No one like You.

One day I will grow old,
One day I will grow grey,
I will still declare the love of God
And Your grace I will proclaim.
There is no one like You.


There is no one like You,
No one like You.