Friday, September 23, 2005

Congratulations Daniel and Kathleen! I pray you have a joy-filled marriage!

Family and Friends,

As you know Daniel and Kathleen are engaged to be married.
What you may not know is that the wedding day is September 22, 2005. That
is only three days away! You also may not know that we are not having a
wedding ceremony here in town, we have chosen to go with a more elopement
style wedding/honeymoon. However, since this is the 21st Century you can
still participate in our small (just the two of us) wedding ceremony taking
place in Las Vegas! Our wedding will be available for viewing, live, via
web cam on an Internet site that I will give you shortly. Also, a few days
after the wedding you will still be able to access the wedding ceremony on
the same website as it will be archived for ninety days.


We hope you will join us! Thank you for your prayers and all your
encouragements and congratulations! We love you and look forward to sharing
all about our honeymoon adventure when we return (which is October 6th).

All of our Love,
Daniel and Kathleen


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