Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Joys of being owned by a Maine Coon!



The popularity of the breed with the cat-loving public has been no less of a success. But then, those of us close to these cats are entirely unsurprised by this. The Maine Coon has to be about THE best family cat ever (not that we're biased, or anything!)
The kittens are, in general, large and sturdy and have the attitude, within a very short time of moving into their new home: 'Well - here I am. Where's lunch? Where are my toys? Where's dinner? What's keeping you?'

Naturally inquisitive, playful yet not destructive, independent yet affectionate, they are the clowns of the cat world - and not just as kittens. The lack of destructive intent becomes even more of an advantage when the playfulness is indulged by a 15lb adult.... who has quite forgotten how big and, more importantly, how old he is! Many Maines will even play happily for hours, while you throw a paper ball for them and they bring it back and you throw it, and they bring it back and.... But never be deceived by the clown-like antics. A big Maine Coon may appear soppy and daft but he is generally very far from it. This is a very good-natured and intelligent cat - he just chooses when to behave as if he were a fool!

Oh, and we mustn't forget the voice! Along with this clownish behaviour goes this other completely endearing and very unexpected characteristic. Not for this cat the common-or-garden meow. It comes as a great surprise to hear the gentle trilling, chirruping noise typical of the Maine Coon, coming from such a substantial animal. It is quite individual to the breed and instantly recognisable.

In short - and in the words of a great many owners - to share one's life with a Maine Coon is not just a joy. It is a positive privilege. But reader beware - to share with several may eventually feel like a necessity!


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